Sanna Younger

D.O.B.:  10/9/1983

Racing Category:  2

Resides:  Spring, TX

Height:  5'5

Specialty:  Road

Previous Sports:  Running, Speed Skating

Years Racing:  1

Colleges Attended:  University of Turku; University of Helsinki, Finland

Degree:  PhD in stem cell science, specialized in liver disorders and diabetes.

Sanna, a Finn transplanted to Texas, is relatively new to bicycle racing and is enjoying her first season.  Regardless of the limited races of 2021, she has visited the podium over a dozen times.  Finishing silver in the Texas state individual TT and gold in the TTT as well as winning the P1/2/3 road race at Hotter'n Hell.  She then capped off a stellar first season by winning both the category and age based Texas state road race championships on back to back days! Besides cycling, Sanna is a doggy mom of her two puppies and works full time as a technical application scientist for a company developing tools for biomedical research.  Sanna believes in hard work, kindness and big smiles!