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Receive coaching by the best in the peloton!

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced athlete, let us pair you with a coach to meet your fitness needs. 



"In the past three years, Chann helped me to complete eight full Ironman events including two World Championships as well as multiple other local races in which I have reached the podium.  His daily Training Peaks workouts help me to stay focused on what is important and to improve in a steady and consistent manner. His professional experience on the bike has helped me to make it my best event. Chann has a flexible training style which has allowed me to get in my workouts even while I travel weekly for work and during a time when I was recovering from shoulder surgery." -Tyler Vance. Ironman Foundation Ambassador

"Growing up I had always been active in sports from softball, gymnastics, collegiate cheerleading, competitive body building, and dance.  After college  I sought out new ways to stay in shape and triathlons fit well.  Then came four daughters, grad school, full-time work as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, and I found myself in survival mode.  I enjoyed exercise but it was recreational since a good day would be getting all the kids dressed, fed, and put to bed at a decent hour with little time to myself. I wanted to get back into triathlon since my daughters were now teenagers and more independent.  I found my former athletic self at a staggering loss with a few unwanted pounds that just wouldn’t come off.   I could barely complete a 5K without walking but I had the ambition to do more but not sure how or where to start.  I was introduced to Chann McRae.  Reading his background I was intimidated on how this highly decorated professional would take on a middle age Mom who would only run if a bear was chasing her. He was patient, kind, and very optimistic. He personalized a fitness program to help this middle age Mom succeed.  I started out just trying to complete a sprint triathlon to now completing 70.3 Ironman races. Chann tailored my triathlon program to incorporate my hectic work life and pushed me into doing more than I even thought was possible.  I may not be the athlete stepping foot on the podium but I am out there racing, feeling accomplished after each race, and well those unwanted pounds did come off so that is always an extra bonus." 

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